Robert Grupp

Robert Grupp is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Computer Science. Rob isadvised by Professor Russell Taylor and worksclosely with Professor Mehran Armand. The main areas of his research are medical image registration, statistical models of anatomy, and medical robots.Most recently, hisresearch has focused on the use of fluoroscopy to provide intraoperative navigation for various surgical procedures. Osteotomies represent as specific application, in which the clinician is provided with the pose of a relocated bone fragment with respect to an appropriate anatomical coordinate frame. This is performed with a C-Arm and does not requirethe use of any external fiducial objects. Heis currently supported by a Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory Graduate Fellowship.Rob completed his undergraduate studies in Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Maryland: College Park, and spent several years in industry as part of the Automatic Target Recognition Group at Northrop Grumman: Electronic Systems.